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ThouArt, LLC Online Classes Cancellation and Refund Policy    JASNA’S YOGA ™

Since we offer limited participants per class, once booked the classes are non- refundable and non-transferable. You may reschedule up to two hours in advance of class start time. We offer a wait list so we ask all participants to be on time as we will hold seats for five minutes after class begins before offering to yoga students on the wait list. You must agree to our Terms and Conditions and our Waiver of Liability policies prior to observing or participating in our online yoga classes for both yourself and any minor children for whom you are a parent or guardian.

ThouArt, LLC Teacher Training Tuition and Refund Policy     JASNA’S YOGA ™

No refunds are offered except that a 75% refund is available or the Teacher Training program(a) for the first week. After the seventh day from acceptance into the Yoga Teacher Training program, no refund will be given. If you drop out of the course after the seventh day and later wish to re-enter the course to complete Teacher Training Certification, you may not be credited for any funds previously paid and a full new tuition may be required at the sole discretion of ThouArt, LLC.

Credit for work previously completed may be given at the sole discretion of ThouArt, LLC.


ThouArt, LLC may, at their sole discretion, discontinue your participation from the Teacher Training program, and any of its classes, retreats, or other programs and no refund will be given.



Refunds/ Transfer of services


Notwithstanding the Refund Policy above, all purchases, training courses, and classes are non-refundable and non- transferable.



Please read our HIPAA privacy policies located on our website on the FORMS page at the HIPAA Policies link.


Other Policies


Client lists and email lists are confidential. We do not share our lists with outside companies.


Your Valuables: We request that you keep your valuables near you. We are unable to keep your personal effects for you. We do not accept liability or responsibility for lost or stolen items.


Lost and Found: If you have left or lost some personal belongings please call the office.


Minors: Classes and services are not provided to minors unless parental consent form is signed by a parent and a ThouArt, LLC officer.


Children's Policy: Although we love kids... it is our responsibility to create a peaceful atmosphere for all of our clients, we prefer that you not bring children to this environment unless absolutely necessary.


Disrobing for Yoga No disrobing is allowed for your classes or services. We create a very safe environment. Lose fitting comfortable clothes are recommended.


Noise Policy: Turn off all cellular phones and beepers during classes.


Pets: Although we love pets...we ask that pets not be brought to class except for guide dogs.


General Policy ThouArt, LLC reserves the right to deny service for any reason upon notice. All clients and students must read and sign a client intake form and/or a waiver of liability form.


ThouArt, LLC dba Jasna's Yoga is an equal opportunity service and operates all of its programs without discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability.


If Teacher Trainee exceeds the initially agreed upon completion time and requests additional time to become certified there

Is a charge of $300 per month.




All Teacher Trainees are required to read and sign our Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation Agreement along with the Code of Ethics Statement.


You agree to adhere to ThouArt, LLC dba Jasna's Yoga Code of Ethics.


Copyright 2021 ThouArt, LLC "all rights reserved".




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