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"A year ago my cardiologist suggested I take yoga to learn to relax. As a result of yoga I have a new life. With Jasna as my teacher my body continues to amaze me...thanks to Jasna for my new life...each time I come to class I am inspired. A good attitiude and yoga are a must in my life."






"I like yoga because it follows a lot of techniques used in meditation. It is a good body exercise, and it teaches you to breath properly. Initially, I started yoga to learn how to sit in the full lotus position. I still haven't been able to do it, but I can do half lotus a lot better. Some of my bones bend better than before and my balance has really improved... Jasna has changed my life so positively!"












"Meditation is important to me because iIt helps me relax after a stressful day of work. Yoga has helped my meditation...I actually meditiate for shorter periods of time, but the quality of my meditation has doubled.. Jasna and her teachers are very well trained in this area...and that is why I keep coming back."







"I am definitely more flexible and not as stiff when I get up in the morning. I noticed that my body is getting more toned...I am recommending it to everyone. I can, because I have been with Jasna's Yoga for more than 8 years!"






As a mother of four I need stress relief  and time to myself to relax and exercise. Jasna's classes offer both elements and  she and her teachers make you feel welcome and important. I try and go twice a week and when my husband baby-sits I sneak in a third yoga class each week. Try it. If my life has room for it, yours can too!

I travel a lot with my job and visit yoga studios all over the U.S. and central Europe and I can honestly say Jasna's Yoga is exceptional. Their attention to safety, high standards and care are rare. So, I am always happy to come to Houston and take her classes.












My roommate dared me to take a yoga class on a one-on-one basketball bet. I thought I would die when I lost the bet and found myself in a Jasna's Yoga  class. I've always heard of girls taking breathing and stretching classes together. Boy, was I surprised---it kicked my @#%!  What a great head-to-toe workout!  Now I go once or twice a week, and it has improved my basketball game.

Over the years, I have tried many types of  athletic activities, but only found my true fitness preference when I took Yoga class with Jasna. I will be eternally gratefully.







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