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Life is a unique and complex journey, parallel to the diverse and inevitable changes our bodies and in turn health undergo.


Jasna’s Yoga for Seniors is a safe, non-impact and natural exercise to support and maintain optimal health regardless of disability or limitation, whether standing, sitting (wheelchair users), or lying down.

Yoga for seniors is an activity that can bring immediate joy, newfound energy and the potential for numerous health benefits. The time is always right to begin.


Jasna’s Yoga for Seniors is an ideal form of exercise for those who may have mental or physical limitations, because yoga meets everyone where they are at the present moment.


We need to encourage seniors to live less sedentary lives. The practice of yoga will improved quality of life. Yoga for seniors promotes greater flexibility, balance, muscle development, as well as joint mobility, improved circulation and increased mental alertness, and so much more.


Seniors, like those younger, need to respect their 

bodies through cherished movement and mobility 

to sustain healthy---mind, body and spirit.











Simple, gentle and ancient yoga postures are practiced weekly to encourage breathing, stretching and deep relaxation; to restore function even at ninety years of age.


Yoga gently works the mind and body dynamically to reawaken the core energy of the human physique over a period of time, plus it promotes a wonderful sense of community.


Positive results such as regaining one’s sense of pride, confidence and mental well-being are welcomed bonuses at any age.


Personal accomplishment and joyous days for seniors are the long-term advantages of bringing yoga exercise into their daily life.

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