Director, Jasna Abraham, started training as a yoga teacher in 1995.  After teaching hundreds of yoga students on a regular basis for five years, she opened her own yoga studio; Jasna's Yoga in October of 2001. Jasna has built a successful business including clients such as: Whole Foods Market, Baker Hughes, Pricewaterhouse-Coopers, Intec Sea, NAM, ExxonMobil, Aveda, Worley Parsons, Trend Development Real Estate Group, numerous government entities, hospitals, schools, daycares, retirement centers, private individuals and athletes.


Jasna has established a successful Yoga Teacher Training Program in Houston, Texas for both beginner and master level certifications.


If you would like to become a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, implement a corporate wellness program, or book private classes
please call 713-252-5115 today.


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www.jasnasyoga.com yoga teacher training offers flexible scheduling for 200 and 500 hour yoga alliance programs