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Yoga Alliance® standards are intended to strengthen the integrity of a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) or a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) in the yoga community and to enhance the public perception of yoga teachers as well-trained professionals. Schools may be recognized as RYSs and graduates as RYTs only when they train teachers using a definite, pre-defined curriculum and engage experienced instructors to conduct training directly with trainees.


Contact Hours Requirements


Contact Hours: A contact hour is an in-person classroom hour in the physical presence of a faculty member. Contact hours in each category must be in a dedicated teacher training environment (into which others might occasionally be invited) rather than in classes intended for the general public. Of the required contact hours, a number are specified in the five educational categories. Remaining hours must be distributed among the five educational categories and can be taught by any faculty member.


Non-Contact Hours: All outside resources should be thoughtfully chosen to support the training and be relevant to yoga and/or anatomy and physiology. Non-contact hours must be an assigned part of the curriculum and may include: 


Reading, Audio/Video, Internet that incorporate an assessment including reports, class discussions, presentations or tests.


Written Assignments on yoga-related topics; may be counted for all categories except Practicum.


Group Activities including directed discussion, techniques practice or teaching practice.


Evaluation of Yoga Classes outside of the program; each class must be evaluated via a written or oral exercise and may count for up to two hours of credit towards Techniques, Teaching Methodology or Practicum categories.


Faculty Requirements


Primary E-RYT®s: The Director of Teacher Training must be an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200 or 500) at the corresponding level of the training. Directors of Teacher Training for RCYS and RPYS (Registered Children's Yoga Schools and Registered Prenatal Yoga Schools) must carry the corresponding specialty designation (RCYT or RPYT).  For more information on the qualifications of an E-RYT, review the teacher designations.


Other Faculty: All teachers other than the Primary E-RYTs in the yoga teacher training must be documented as either: a) a RYT, or b) having substantial training in the subject category they are teaching (at least 100 hours of education and/or experience). 

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